DETALK SHOW with Viviane Wang


Composer, sound artist and musician Vivian Wang explores intermediate spaces, developing transdisciplinary works across a range of sonic intersections in art, culture and space. She has performed as a noise and improv musician for over a decade. Her main instruments are synth, voice, electronics, field recording and prepared objects. Vivian has toured and performed extensively.

We spent 3 days with Vivian based on their research about ‘breath’, exploring the potentialities on how it induces into sonic formats and platforms. Through meditation breathing, to using the voice as an extension of breath. We explored different improvisation exercises and recorded them, producing a K7 as a end of production. We recorded and  gathered material around the area of Kreis 5 and managed to produce a recording. We will release a K7 and we will make an announcement for the vernissage.
breathe in and out for it!