Electric unconscious 

We commissioned the composer Charles Quevillon to write us a new work. 

Staged Concert, 55’, 2023
Performance for electric guitar, flute, alto saxophone, mini-fridge and electronics.

Electric Unconscious is an alchemical process powered by the physicality of performers and the amplification of their sound and breath. The music rubs together opposing conceptsand emotions: sacredand profane, corny andraw, fear and bliss. In these charged-up liminal and kaleidoscopic zones, a refrigerator is transformed into the archetype of energy.

Charles Quevillon: Concept, Music,Stage Direction and Performer
Nuriia Khasenova: Flute
Kay Zhang: Saxophone
Léo Collin: Guitar
Leandro Gianini: Technical Director-Set and Light Design 

Premiered at Kunstraum Walcheturm, Zürich (CH), (22-24.6.2023).


Tuesday 31 October 2023 Camerata, Musiikitalo, Helsinki (FI)

Charles Quevillon (b.1989) is a composer/performer born in Montreal (QC) and now working in Helsinki (FI). His work focuses on the symbolic use of electronic music technologies and the ritualization of music performance.


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This project is supported by SSHRC, Stadt Zürich, Kanton Zürich and Fondation Nicati-de Luze.