Detalk show ft Antoine Chessex

session in Photobastei, Zürich  

this video is a phonograph from one week-end spent with Antoine Chessex at the venue Photobastei- Zürich. We explored sounds together, with guitar pedal effects, amplifications, to dive wtih how antoine thinks. We had some talks, some sound investigations, a carrot cake, a Vinyl. For us it was an interesting experience, as we could share important values together.

The Detalkshow is not an open stage where a guest can share his knowledge: rather, our talk show is a collective exploration within an hour. We interpret not only the pieces, as musicians trained in conservatoires would do, but also the personality of our guest. We go beyond the mediation for an audience, introducing an interest in our field of expertise. At the same, it is an occasion to play repertoire-pieces which have already been premiered and written, interpreted to what we like or, if we don’t like parts, we try to make it our own version to enjoy.

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