is an initiative of the musicians Kay Zhang, Léo Collin and Nuriia Khasenova...

Trained as classical/contemporary musicians, they interpret chamber or orchestra repertoire, composed by contemporary composers. They transcript, arrange, add visual elements and a storyline to make the score more accessible for a non specialist audience.
In their detalk series, they spend 3-4 days with a guest (composer, sound/visual artist). These collaborations have a very different and interesting outcome each time.
They make scenic compilations
of their own compositions.
For this, they work with different artists such as sound engineer Leandro Gianini,  solfware developper Dalius Singer, costume and stage designer Mariana Grünig Vieira, object designer Eric Larrieux, instrument designer and sound artist, Kaspar König, composer and performer Cimon Finix, Light designer Viktoras Žemeckas, architect and video game designer Adrian Galeazzi, singer and organiser Meret Roth, dramaturge Louise Décaillet to name a few...

They performed in Volksbühne Berlin, Gare du Nord Basel, Dampfzentrale Bern, Gessnerallee- Tonhalle- Das Institut -Walcheturm- Hyperlokal Zürich but also Monash University Melbourne, Potocki Paterson Art Gallery Wellington, xxx gallery Hong Kong, L’Abri Geneva, La Voirie Bienne ... Kollektiv international totem is supported by the City and the Canton of Zürich and many other foundations in Switzerland.



march 31th 2023 
festival archipel Genève (CH)
 19h -23 h

  • Kollektiv Iиterиatioиal totem
    • Léo Collin – conception, composition, performance
    • Leandro Gianini – conception, direction technique, production
    • Kay Zhang – collaboration et performance
    • Nuriia Khasenova – collaboration et performance
    • Dalius Singer – programmation électronique
    • Eric Larrieux – construction instruments expérimentaux
    • Mariana Grünig costumes
  • Arthur Lanotte-Fauré collaboration et performance
  • Cimon Finix collaboration et composition
  • Louise Décaillet dramaturgie
  • Viktoras Zemeckas création lumières
  • Ivalina Yapola création lumières
  • Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart voix

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Friday May 12th 20h00 
Saturday May 13th 15h00+20h00

Hong kong Maritime Museum  (HK) Theater room 

an event curated by

conception leo collin & leandro gianini
performance and realisation  kay zhang nuriia khasenova cimon finix dalius singer
costume and stage mariana grünig
musicians Chor kai hei, Ho Yi On, Wilson chau Siu Hin

electrical unconscious

Thursday 22 & Friday 23, Saturday 24 June 2023  20h00
Walcheturm Zürich  (CH)

Monday 30 and Tuesday 31 October 2023 
Camerata, Musiikitalo, Helsinki (FI) 

Charles Quevillon, composition and performance 
Nuriia Khasenova-Kay Zhang-Léo Collin, Performance
Leandro Gianini, Sound

Charles Quevillon (b.1989) is a composer/performer born in Montreal (QC) and now working in Helsinki (FI). His work focuses on the symbolic use of electronic music technologies and the ritualization of music performance.