Music theater

Mixed medias, for minimum 4 performers-musicians.
8 tables with transducer, 50 tourists with silents disco headphones and 4 speakers
2 hours.


Welcome on board for whale watching tour!
Here you will listen to  a clarinettist and a trombonist who imitate the sound of a whale with their instruments, the song Flying whales, quotes of jean yves leloup who comments the book of jonas and all our human fears...
see a malaise when shopping at the supermarket,
the fear of taking off a teeth
experience some sounds and images processing in real time.
discover a fascination for blockbuster movies.
escape from a colonized thought we run away from.

A collection of things who turns, turn-tables, kitchen object, mixer, caroussel. 
A hate-love relation with plastic.
Some lecture of moby dick, but not really.
A cooking show. A couple who have never loved each other, a girl who vomits everywhere, a shipwreck, some salt, some paraffin to make candles, a progressive love of the matter and the reality, hacked circular kitchen objects and a match of hockey

Venue Gessnerallee Zürich