Detalk show with
tracy september 

Voice- rest - improvisation - making an album - podcast 

3- 4- 5th of October 2023
at MANEGG Zürich

Over 3 days with musician and dj tracy september, an exploration of feelings/thoughts/experiences/memories/dreams/futurisms of what ‘the pressure to produce’. How the feeling of perpetually chasing time affects the psyche, the body, the spirit and the relations(hips) around us. What does it do to how we relate to our environment/s, our various communities and ourselves. How sustainable is this way of being? Are there people who thrive in this context? If so, how do they do it? What systems do each of us have in place to sustain ourselves on this hamster wheel? Is this something I’m imagining or experiencing alone or do others feel it too? How has this feeling existed in the past and what can it be in the future? What are the possibilities?

We did a workshop about how to rest our bodies and to take this time to land and come together and to find ways for us to manage ourselves in a healthier way.

We shared experienced, good music, and enjoy to be together and #how to chill the f*** out. 

Beginning 2024, a release of the soundtrack will be on internet . Stay tuned.