Detalk show with Simone Keller

Simone Keller is a swiss multi-awarded pianist, composer based in Zürich. 

She composed for us a kind of talk show very experimental, with text which we discover only just before starting the show, with unexpected encounters and with some additional repertoire ( Chopin Thierry de Mey ).

Ever since television has been around, people have been questioning the "reality" of game shows, talk shows, doku soaps... I have been scripting a show for Kollektiv Iиterиatioиal Totem in which we will focus on the topic of "scripted reality" in the field of contemporary music and improvisation in a sense of delegated performance.We have only very limited space in the studio at Eichstrasse 29 in Zurich.

Performers :  
Kollektiv international totem 
+ unexpected guest suggested by Simone Keller

Stage design and costume : 
Mariana Grünig

many thanks to Philip Bartels for the text and Moritz Müllenbach for the food