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Within the detalk series, produced and developed by the music and performance group Kollektiv International Totem (KIT), sound artist and sonic organizer Aio Frei was invited to propose a collaborative process-based project spanning over four days.

Hence, A Frei proposed a thinking along and with the ideas of quantum listening, inclusive composition/scoring and non-linear music suggested by composer, improviser and listening-activist Pauline Oliveros, as well as diy-time travel exercisesintroduced by Black Quantum Futurism and thoughts by further queer-feminist thinkers and practicioners.

KIT and A Frei chose an interwoven, shared workshop-structure spanning over the course of four days which included listening-exercises, readings/discussions of texts and a non-linear listening-composing-improvisation happening at four geographically different and acoustically differing places. 
We developed a day-by-day selection of texts and exercises that corresponded with the chosen destinations we travelled to, and negotiated questions around embodied, «ethical» and environmental listening, memory, situatedness and possibilities of relationality despite difference. The selected texts and exercises provided a foundation for the acknowledgement of the spaces we were about to encounter each day. The core collaborative practice was to share moments of deep listening through sensing (listening beyond the aural), practicing awareness in relationship to the surrounding and embodied soundings, the specific places and its inhabitants, while allowing spaciousness for becoming/sounding simultaneously in the past, present and future.

At the heart of the four days was a collective listening-composition/improvisation which consists of four recordings (one each day). Everyday, we attuned to and entangled with the composition behind or ahead of us while listening and sounding together. We attuned to the specific acoustic settings and locative conditions, and read the environment as score. We experimented with echos, silences, our voices, simple percussive instruments and materials we encountered. The four recordings were later combined into one track, resulting in the final quantum listening composition 

Through and with these practices, the work questions linear notions of time, as well as dominant forms of knowledge production and composing, and trusts in forms of improvisation and attunement to simultaneously oneself, one another and the environment across time as a transformative action in itself.
A selection of the practiced listening-exercises, discussed texts, recorded compositions and an additional score were subsequently assembled in this edition, which is thought as a collection of propositions, as a source-book and all-in-one score to be used and practiced by other interested formations of people.

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4-day workshop, 4-day composition, editing, zine conception, graphic design, risography

Listening to Listening – A Score for Collective Quantum Listening Composing
A Frei & KIT

4-day workshop with a 4-day composition and resulting score-zine with release.

A Collaboration by:
A Frei & KIT – kollektiv international totem (Kay Zhang, Léo Collin, Nuriia Khasenova)

KIT – kollektiv international totem (Kay Zhang, Léo Collin, Nuriia Khasenova)

Listening compositions:
A Frei, Kay Zhang, Léo Collin, Nuriia Khasenova

Gathering Cathering:
Kay Zhang, Nuriia Khasenova

A Frei, Kay Zhang, Léo Collin, Nuriia Khasenova

Extensive Echo Engagement:
Léo Collin

Mastering Compositions:
A Frei

A Frei, Kay Zhang

A Frei, Kay Zhang

Conception/Design Zine:
A Frei

Izidora l. lethe

Riso Printing:
A Frei, Kay Zhang

A Frei, Léo Collin, Kay Zhang, Nuriia Khasenova

Echotopos App

Texts, exercises & quotes by:
Alex Martinis Roe, Am Kanngieser, Anne Carson,
Annie Goh, Black quantum futurism, Moor Mother,
Dylan Robinson, Fred Moten, Hildegard Wersterkamp,
Lucia Farinati, Lisbeth Lipari, Maryanne Amacher,
Pauline Oliveros, Thomas Stanl