Composed theatre for percussions, flutes, saxophones, voices, electronic and electromechanical devices, multi- screens, speakers and smartphones.

4 hours ongoing performance in a gas station for cashier, cleaner, security, car mechanic, highway, cardboard boxes, customers and ghosts.

In a gas station, coffee is drunk, sugar is refuelled, gone to the toilet, a car is repaired, gasoline is tapped and driven off again. Basic needs and the global circulation of goods meet here just as much as human actions and electromechanics, travel fantasies and fossil energies. Staff and customers fulfil their functions; everyday life repeats itself forever. In this post-human ecosystem, music and attention have to be reinvented. From unimagined sound symbioses, a radically organic chorale may reverberate, celebrating our common life and its fragility.

pc: lea huser