Detalkshow with Mélia Roger
4-5 -6  June 2024

Workshop sound field recording 

Mélia Roger is a sound designer for film and art installation. She has a classical music background and owns a Master Degree in sound engineering (ENS Louis-Lumière, Paris, France). She spent her last year of Master in the Transdisciplinary Studies Program at ZHdK (Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland), where she developed an artistic approach of sound, working with voice and field recordings. She is now living between Paris and Zurich, working for post-production film and her own artistic works.

We spent 3 days with Mélia to recognize and diffenciate one from another bird sounds. We did various exercises for example, walking with blind fold, make a resonance with our instruments with the environment i.e the forest,  imagine the sound of the past, to sooth the soundscape on the monoculture field, attunement exercise, workshop of microphones and field recording equipment.

Mélia Roger