Detalk show with Charles Kwong

Charles Kwong is a composer currently based in Hong Kong. His creative output focuses on orchestral music, chamber compositions for musicians across various musical cultures, site-specific music, and transdisciplinary works that depart from the paradigm of concert music. Approaching music as experiential situations, Kwong’s works often concern with the sensuality of time and space as revealed by sounds and the act of listening, the eclecticism of performance practices in their juxtapositions, site specificity, and the performativity of musical forms and genres.

He was blocked in Zurich because of the pandemic covid and could not back to Hong Kong. Kollektiv international totem took this opportunity to make a detalk show together.  He decided to shoot a film with us.

Charles Kwong

Léo Collin Nuriia Khasenova Kay Zhang Dalius Singer

thanks to Dave Masu, Mariana Grünig, Sharon Kwong for their help.