are a collective of sonic artists : Léo Collin, Nuriia Khasenova, Kay Zhang, living with regular collaborators such as Leandro Gianini, Dalius Singer, Mariana Grünig Vieira, Eric Larrieux, Cimon Finix or Louise Decaillet

please contact us at mail@kollektivtotem.com our totem is based in Zürich and is composed from people AUS,FR,RU,CH,LIT,BR,US

Our practice is divided in mainly 3 different orientations : repertoire, mediation and creation. All these orientations push us to use interesting format, based for and with the people, the rooms which welcome us and the season where we do the event.

Corals 2022 music theater
photo by Lea Huser


Trained as classical/contemporary musician, such as Nuriia Khasenova, we were reading music before reading words. However we are using the scores more as a map than a limited system of communication. We do arrangement, we do cut we go into deeper cosmos what create the score. We play from solo piece, to orchestra repertoire, from our older, our contemporary and soon of our younger composers!

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mediation : detalk show series

With Kay Zhang, these formats pushes the tradition setting of mediation accredited to the concert – discourse before the sensible event. With the detalk shows, reflection and sensibility are combined in a way no one knows if we talk or play.

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Under the initiative of Léo Collin, we make kind of scenic compilation of his delirium about a particular thema. In 2019 we created Baleen, at the Gessnerallee Zürich, in 2020 we built Medusen in Hyperlokal and in may 2022 we created Corals.