mediation : detalk show series

impuls of Kay Zhang

KIT invites a guest for few days of rehearsal and one showing at the end of the mini-residency. One goal is to go further than mediating between an audience interested in our field. Our interpretation does not stop at the pieces of music either, we portray the personality of our guest in a certain way within the whole show. The format of the talk show reflect our view on the invited guest. From the two previous detalk series, KIT has developed a continuous working form of how to work with each other and the importance of collaboration. The importance of collaborative processes with invited guests is a way to interject and transform artistic research through the basis of musical and experimental knowledge. It aims to create a way to explore formats outside of the trio repertoire of contemporary music to an experimental composition.

Each repertoire selection is related in some way to the guest, which creates a reference to the guest’s practice and chosen format. We rearrange the pieces for our trio constellation (drums / piano, saxophone and flute) and interpret it in the way that corresponds to a musical theater piece. The result is written by us together with the guest and, depending on the guests choice, contains a documentation of video films, a libretto (a collage of a text, reflection of the guest) and scenography.  We want the audience to feel that our show is “alive” that is why a large part of the performance consists of improvisation. Some parts are open and some are noted according to the structure that can be realized during the performance. If our guest is also an instrumentalist, they can also play with us.Each guest brings their own community which allows for the presentation of detalk shows to be presented as an exchange between different communities which can be an interesting part of the project. In addition, through the online platform we would like to invite people from all over the world to experience new music repertoire from Zurich.

detalk series #1
Charles Quevillon Origines
Florent Carron Darras Extinctions
Simone Keller Is this reality
Charles Kwong Quarantine

detalk series #2
Antoine Chessex improvisation
A. Frei listening to listening – a score for collective quantum listening composing
Lukas Huber Knight Rider with KITT

improvisation video with Antoine Chessex
listening to listening – a score for collective quantum listening – composing